Did Adidas Cancel the Dame 6 McDonald's Basketball Shoe?

Sanjeev Cube is mad. Like really, really mad. You see, Sanjeev loves sweet and sour sauce. He eats it at every meal. He even puts it on his fries! So you can imagine Sanjeev's excitement when he saw that Adidas and McDonald's teamed up to create the Dame 6 Sweet and Sour Sauce colorway. Sanjeev put in an order right away and his order went through and delivery would be in a couple of weeks.

All day long it was all Sanjeev could talk about. He talked about how the lime green shoe would match his green gloves, how he was excited to wear them on the first day of school, and how much they would improve his basketball skills that the coach would have to put him in the game this time. He asked for McDonald's chicken nuggets for dinner to celebrate his new purchase and would throw his chicken nuggets in the air like a basketball, only to land perfectly into the little container of sweet and sour sauce. He even left a little bit of sweet and sour sauce on the side of his mouth, so he could take little licks with his tongue several hours after dinner. He asked Daddy to read him the webpage description for the Adidas Dame 6 McDonald's colorway for a bedtime story. Sanjeev was on cloud nine!

Adidas Dame 6 McDonald's Sweet and Sour Sauce basketball shoes

Sanjeev woke up extra early to finish his chores so that he could read more about his new McDonald's basketball shoes. He scrubbed the kitchen floor, washed the big metal cooking pot, and even set out the morning newspaper on the coffee table for Daddy. Sanjeev sat at the computer desk and noticed he received a new email. He's not allowed to check the email without Daddy's supervision, but Sanjeev was curious. He checked to see if Daddy was looking and then quickly clicked on the email program and saw that the email was from Adidas. Sanjeev opened the email and his heart sank immediately.

Adidas Dame 6 McDonald's Sweet and Sour Sauce basketball shoes

Sanjeev's order for the Adidas Dame 6 McDonald's Sweet and Sour Sauce basketball shoes were officially cancelled by Adidas. Sanjeev quickly went to the Adidas website to find the Dame 6 product page had mysteriously been removed from the website. Sanjeev was confused. Is there some sort of conspiracy against him? He had only purchased the Adidas Dame 6 McDonald's colorway shoes yesterday and the purchase was cancelled without any explanation and no mention of it on the Adidas website.

Sanjeev's hopes and dreams of finally jumping off the bench and getting into a real basketball game were dashed in an instant. Sanjeev really wanted this pair of Adidas Dame 6 McDonald's shoes. They were perfect for him and now he only has the brief emotional high from his retail therapy. Here's hoping that Adidas and McDonald's can work together to bring this masterpiece of a shoe back to the people and especially for Sanjeev.


 Adidas Dame 6 McDonald's Sweet and Sour Sauce basketball shoes



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Judge bans violent misogynist from all online dating sites after punching a woman he met on the internet Serial abuser Karl Crimmins, 29, Has been been banned from dating sitesHe punched then girlfriend Tina Evans with a backlash at her home in CardiffCrimmins pleaded guilty to unlawfully wounding her after they met onlineHas history of violence against former partners and even hurt child aged 5Defence barrister said ’he’s a misogynist who needs to change his [url=https://www.bestbrides.net/pof-com-review-2020-is-plenty-of-fish-a-good-dating-site?/]plentyoffish[/url] ways’Judge William Gaskell branded him ‘contemptible’ and a ‘serial abuser’He was handed an eight month prison sentence suspended for two yearsRestraining order prevents him contacting Ms Evans or using dating sitesBy Keiligh Baker for MailOnline

submitted: 05:05 EDT, 26 March 2015 up-to-date: 07:49 EDT, 26 March 2015

A judge has taken the unusual step of banning a violent misogynist from all online dating services after he punched a woman he met on the internet in the face.

Judge bill Gaskell told violent Karl Crimmins,29, concerning Bedwas, Caerphilly,That women who replied to his online dating services profile ‘did not know what they were getting into’.

Qualified fitter Crimmins pleaded guilty tounlawfully wounding his then wife Tina Evans in January this year four months aftermeeting her through a dating site.

the judge heard he had been at her home in Llanrumney, Cardiff,protesting and complaining about repairs needed to his car when she made a joke and was punched in the eye by Crimmins.

She needed hospital treatment and the split above her right eye had to be stitched.

But it was his previous appearances before judges and magistrates whichshocked the court.

sara Lloyd, Prosecuting, Said they included not only violence against women but even against one spouse’s five year old child.

Mr Lloyd had said in 2008 Crimmins, Then in the early 20s, Had bombarded a woman in Bedwas by pulling her hair and punching andgrabbing her by the throat.

Just over a year later, In sept 2009, He was at Grays Gardens inCaerphilly when he grabbed a woman during neck as she was holding ayoung baby.

‘It is not known if it was the same woman but each is listed as domesticviolence,’ Mr Lloyd told the court.

’And the same address in Grays Gardens is given for the situation of threemore offences of assault in 2010 when a woman was punched and afive year old child had a towel placed around his neck before he was pulledoff a chair, Causing slight discoloration.


Armed robber jailed for eight years for 1.35million. Policeman who conned four weak women to fund his.

’The boy have also been shaken on another occasion.or,—

In 2011 Crimmins was back before another court forwhat was called an ‘incident’ with a partner inBlaengarw, Bridgend.

Cardiff the queen’s Court (Pictured) Heard Crimmins has a long history of being violent towards his soulmates

Mr Lloyd defined: ’They had a verbal argument over his driving and when they got home he pushed her into a cupboard under the steps and closed the door.

’That was in October and keep away from he was in another argument with herwhen he put his arm around her neck and held her in a headlock, Restrictingher inhaling and causing her to vomit.or,—

Judge Gaskell said a point had been made that Crimmins managed to stay outof trouble from that time until this year.

But he stated to him: ’It really shows how utterly contemptible you are if that is deemed an achievement.or,—

the judge heard Crimmins (Pictured) Has an issue with women and ‘needs to change his ways’

Crimmins’ own solicitor described him as a man who had a problem withwomen, indicating: ’He’s a misogynist who needs to change his ways.or,—

ed Mitchard, guarding, Said the outlook for future partners had to beconsidered and the risk to them would be reduced if Crimmins went on aspecial programme.

Judge Gaskell said the shows had failed in 2008 and 2009 but agreedthe court had a public duty to try again.

‘You are not fit to be on a dating site or in any marital life,’ the seniorcircuit judge staying at Cardiff Crown Court told him.

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