Herein contains the memoirs of Sanjeev Cube. Although Sanjeev was a private and humble person, you have to understand his personal history to truly appreciate the rarest of gems that he was. You couldn’t tell that life was not easy for Sanjeev, as he put on a brave face for the public. In his later years, Sanjeev saw some material success in the way of viral videos, chart topping music, and owning some of the most expensive exotic cars money could buy, but he still was missing something he desired more than anything. Love.

Sanjeev Cube’s Early Years

Sanjeev Cube was born in the city of Surat, in the Indian state of Gujarat and at an early age developed a love for performing at the local Surat puppet theatre. Sanjeev’s singing, dancing, and acting skills and abilities grew over time, resulting in Sanjeev traveling around India performing for children of all ages.

As with most successful child performers, Sanjeev lacked a formal education and never had the opportunity to attend primary or secondary school. Due to Sanjeev’s intense work schedule, he didn’t have time to study or learn how to read. Sanjeev’s lack of a formal education affected his ability to make friends and interact socially in public. He lacked self confidence around people, so he often found acceptance and companionship with animals.

Life at home was also not easy for Sanjeev. Although he was making some money performing for thousands of people every night, his family was still living below the poverty line. Stress levels were high in the Cube household with Daddy getting upset over the smallest things. Sanjeev was always on edge and didn’t know what would make Daddy mad.

One night Sanjeev awoke in the middle of the night with hunger pains and so he snuck out of bed and tiptoed to the fridge to drink a glass of milk. He emptied the whole milk bottle and put the empty bottle of milk back in the fridge. Early the next morning, Daddy woke the whole household by yelling at the top of his lungs and trying to figure out who drank all the milk and put the empty bottle back. Daddy smelled milk on Sanjeev’s breathe and gave him a lashing.

One day Sanjeev invited his whole family to see him perform as Aladdin, which was the biggest role of his career. All of his cousins, uncles, aunts, and grandparents made a special effort to see him perform that night. During a key moment of the play, Sanjeev forgot his lines. The whole audience fell silent. With tears in his eyes, Sanjeev looked over to see Daddy the angriest he had ever seen him. Embarrassed, Sanjeev ran off the stage and hid under a table in the dressing room. When the performance was over, Sanjeev went to find his family, but his family was nowhere to be found. Sanjeev was abandoned.

Sanjeev Cube Leaves India

Alone, scared, and nowhere to turn, Sanjeev wandered the empty streets late at night. He stumbled upon a train station, but not having a passport, personal identification, or money limited his travel options. Sanjeev noticed a freight train parked on one of the tracks and quickly made a run for it. He quietly opened a boxcar door and slipped through undetected. To Sanjeev’s delight, he discovered the boxcar was full of food. There were boxes of black tea, fruits, vegetables, milk, and cheese. Sanjeev had hit the jackpot!

The long journey provided Sanjeev the opportunity to reflect on his life. He thought long and hard about the man he wanted to become, the man his Daddy would be proud of. After a long day of self reflection, Sanjeev noticed some movement near the boxes of cheese. There he discovered a small baby rat with a bent left ear. Sanjeev scooped him up in his hands and cradled him close to his chest. He watched in awe as the little rat scurried around his cupped hands. Sanjeev reached for a nearby cheese wheel, broken off a tiny crumb and fed it to his new friend. The two quickly developed a strong bond during the multi-day train journey.

After what seemed like an eternity, the train made it to its final destination. Voices in an unfamiliar language could be heard approaching the boxcar. Sanjeev panicked, he had not thought about how he would escape the boxcar. His eyes scanned the room and quickly spotted a white lab coat hanging by the door. Sanjeev darted across the room and slipped his arms into the lab coat just as the doors swung open.

Standing in front of Sanjeev were two Russian soldiers in full military uniforms. They had blue fur hats on their heads with a bright red star pinned in the middle. They each had a machine gun slung over their shoulder and a clipboard in one hand. Sanjeev in his white lab coat stared blankly at the soldiers in uniform, he was so scared. He thought he was going to get arrested. One of the soldiers motioned to Sanjeev to pick up a box of vegetables and hand it to him. Sanjeev complied and the soldiers inspected the box and then whispered to themselves and laughed.

One of the soldiers whistled really loud and waved his hand to a green army transport truck in the distance. The six wheeled truck barreled down the road and backed up to the boxcar’s door. The strong smell of diesel fuel permeated the air. The soldiers motioned for Sanjeev to start passing them boxes of food. The fear in Sanjeev started to subside and he quickly got down to work. The boxcar was emptied and the transport truck was now full. The last box of food loaded onto the truck contained the cheese wheel that Sanjeev and the baby rat had shared. Suddenly Sanjeev’s heart began to beat faster and his hands began to sweat. During the chaos of quickly emptying the boxcar, he forgot all about his little rat friend. Sanjeev’s eyes darted back and forth looking around the darkened boxcar to no avail. His little baby rat friend with the bent left ear had disappeared and Sanjeev once again was all alone. 

Sanjeev Cube’s Life in Russia

The driver of the transport truck honked twice and the two soldiers hopped into the back of the truck. As the truck was departing, one of the soldiers looked directly at Sanjeev, made a sad face, and pretended to wipe away a tear. The two soldiers broke out into hysterical laughter, which eventually dissipated as the truck drove further and further away. A defeated and dejected Sanjeev slowly closed the boxcar door, curled up into a ball in the corner and cried himself to sleep.

Over the next few days Sanjeev found himself working and living on the freight trains loading and unloading boxes of food between transport trucks and train boxcars in cities across the vast Russian landscape. People just assumed that he worked there due to his white lab coat and his eagerness to do a good job. During one of the train stops in the city of Ufa, Sanjeev was approached by one of the truck drivers to help him deliver the food to some of the grocery stores, markets, restaurants, and schools. Sanjeev jumped at the chance to leave the boxcar and hopped in the back of the truck and off they went. As the truck bounced around swerving to avoid potholes, Sanjeev prepared the boxes for the food deliveries.

After a few supervised deliveries to a couple of markets, Sanjeev was told to go by himself for the next delivery. This delivery was to the cafeteria of the Bashkir State Medical University. After dropping off a box of vegetables, Sanjeev walked down an empty hallway when someone behind him yelled something out. Sanjeev turned around to find a man popping his head out the door and motioning Sanjeev to come back. Sanjeev entered the room to find it full of medical students wearing white lab coats. The man who let Sanjeev into the classroom pointed at a table at the back of the classroom and told Sanjeev to sit there. Sanjeev didn’t know it, but it was the first day of class at the medical university and the professor thought Sanjeev was a lost student, as there was one empty seat left in the classroom.

Sanjeev Cube Goes to Medical School

Sanjeev made his way to the back of the classroom and sat in the empty chair. He looked over to the student sharing his table and did a double take. The student sitting next to him was the most beautiful Indian woman he had ever seen. Sanjeev shyly extended his hand and shook the woman’s hand, looked her in the eye, and quietly said ‘Sanjeev’. She smiled back and said in Hindi ‘My name is Koneesha’. Just then all the students started to stand up and walk single file towards the front of the classroom. Sanjeev was the last in line, right behind Koneesha. Each student picked up a covered metal tray and black leather zipper pouch and brought it back to their table.

Sanjeev didn’t know what was going on, so he followed Koneesha’s lead. She unzipped the leather pouch and opened it up to discover 20 sterile steel surgical instruments and a pair of bright green nitrile gloves. Sanjeev opened his pouch and put one green glove on, but struggled to put on the second green glove. Koneesha playfully giggled and helped Sanjeev to secure the glove. Koneesha lifted the lid to her metal tray, so Sanjeev lifted his lid and that’s when he saw it! Sanjeev let out a loud scream and dropped the metal lid on the floor. Koneesha gently placed her hand on Sanjeev’s shoulder to calm him down and whispered in Hindi, ‘It's okay, it’s just a rat’. Unfortunately, it wasn’t just a rat, not to Sanjeev. Laying dead on the cold metal tray was Sanjeev’s dear baby rat friend with the bent left ear.

Sanjeev took a deep breath and motioned to the professor that he was okay. Colour slowly returned to Sanjeev’s face and he mentally prepared for what he had to do. He grabbed a scalpel from the leather pouch and followed the diagram images projected at the front of the classroom. He made his first incision and cut around the eyeball until it fell out and rolled around the metal tray. Next, Sanjeev pierced the back of the poor little lifeless rat with his blade and sliced a straight line from tail to head. He gently pulled the skin away from the rat’s body and placed it on the bottom left corner of his metal tray. Somehow Sanjeev managed to finish the rat dissection without any further issues and covered it back up with the metal lid.

After class, all the students left the classroom leaving Sanjeev and Koneesha alone. Sanjeev wanted to tell her everything, his life as a child performer, how his whole family abandoned him, how he train surfed to Russia, and why he screamed when he saw his now deceased rat friend on the metal tray. He especially wanted to tell her that he wasn’t supposed to be attending medical school, especially since he couldn’t read or write and definitely not in Russian! Koneesha gathered up her belongings and turned to Sanjeev, smiled, and said ‘See you tomorrow?’. Sanjeev with all his thoughts running through his head simply said ‘Yep’. Koneesha walked out the door to head home, while Sanjeev sat at his table trying to process the events of the day.

Sanjeev was feeling really bad about what he had to do to his rat friend. He lifted the metal lid to the dissection tray, grabbed the limp rat skin, stuffed it into his white lab coat pocket and quickly ran out of the university to chase after Koneesha.

Sanjeev Cube Learns About YouTube

Koneesha hadn’t gone too far when Sanjeev sprinted out of the university and yelled out her name. The sound of her name coming from Sanjeev’s lips made her heart skip a beat. When Sanjeev finally caught up to her, he took a deep breath and asked, “May I walk you home?”. Koneesha blushed and replied with a grin, “of course you can”. The two of them walked in silence most of the way to Koneesha’s building, with the exception of Koneesha occasionally giving directions to “turn left”, “cross the street here”, and “we’re almost there”. Sanjeev timidly nodded in agreement at every direction that Koneesha gave.

When they arrived at the entrance to Koneesha’s five storey soviet Khrushchyovka style concrete building, Koneesha looked in Sanjeev’s eyes and said “Thanks for walking me home Sanjeev, it was nice meeting you. I’m so glad we’re going to be studying together”. Sanjeev replied, “Yes, I’m excited to be studying you too, umm, err, I meant to say studying with you too”. Sanjeev turned bright red.

The awkward silence was broken when Koneesha stated “Hey, I want to show you something, follow me”. And with that Koneesha rushed up the stairs and Sanjeev followed close behind. They raced up to the fourth floor, slightly out of breath. Koneesha unlocked her door and invited Sanjeev inside apartment #14. The apartment was small and simple. Koneesha grabbed Sanjeev’s hand and pulled him into the kitchen. Sanjeev didn’t know what to expect. Koneesha opened her laptop on the kitchen table and typed in the web address ‘’. She went on to explain that she found this website that had videos of different medical procedures and it could help them with their studies. Sanjeev sat down beside Koneesha and looked at the computer screen.

Sanjeev wasn’t able to read any of the text on the screen, as it was in English, but he looked at the thumbnail images of the videos available. Koneesha explained that YouTube has videos on all sorts of subjects and anyone could upload a video, create their own channel,  and best of all - it was all free. Sanjeev could tell that Koneesha was really passionate about this website, so he continued to scroll up and down the page. Koneesha finally said “Go ahead and search for something, anything, I bet you that there will be a video on it”. Sanjeev not knowing how to spell or type any words in English, got really nervous. He looked around the room for assistance, when he spotted a hockey jersey hanging on the wall. The name printed on the back of the jersey was ‘Zyuzin’ in English and Sanjeev quickly typed the name into the search bar.

Up popped several videos of Ufa born NHL hockey player Andrei Zyuzin. Koneesha with a look of surprise asked, “Are you a hockey fan?”. Sanjeev nervously replied, “Yes, of course’ (he wasn’t). Koneesha looked at Sanjeev with eyes of adoration “Wow! Who’s your favourite NHL team?”. Just then the doorbell rang. Koneesha jumped up and ran to the door. Sanjeev took a deep sigh of relief - saved by the bell - literally! It was Koneesha’s neighbour, an old widowed woman that needed her help with something. Koneesha rushed back to the kitchen and announced that she had to leave to help her neighbour, but that they should go see a Salavat Yulaev hockey game together.

Sanjeev Cube Finds a New Home

With nowhere to go and being completely unfamiliar with the city of Ufa, Sanjeev just started to walk. He walked for two hours and mostly in one direction so that he could find his way back to the medical university in the morning. He walked along a tree lined road with numerous historical buildings, he found a large stadium, and even saw a metal statue of Lenin. Sanjeev stopped walking to take a short break. He walked up to a big building and sat on the steps. As he was catching his breath, he started to canvas the area with his eyes. That’s when he spotted it, an old Surat puppet hanging in the building’s window. It was just like the puppets he performed with back in India. As he walked around the building, he noticed more puppets and that’s when he discovered that the building was a Russian Puppet Theatre.

Sanjeev decided then and there that he must get inside the puppet theatre, but all of the entrance doors were locked. He walked around the back of the theatre and found a ladder leading up to the roof. Even though he is scared of heights, Sanjeev climbed to the top of the puppet theatre and found a roof vent, twisted the latch, and climbed in. Once inside, Sanjeev found he was in the puppet theatre’s attic with a few cardboard boxes and wooden crates full of discarded puppet parts and puppet making tools. It looked like no one had been up there in years, which was the ideal situation. Sanjeev moved some boxes around to make it his own little hideout with his own little cardboard desk and a big box to sleep in. Sanjeev couldn’t have been happier about his life in this moment.

After Sanjeev was satisfied with the layout of the room, he decided he wanted to show his appreciation and love to Koneesha by making her a present. He looked in all the boxes for supplies and tools to make his gift. He found things like thumbtacks, zippers, thread, fabric dye, and much more. After he had gathered what he needed, he sat down at his cardboard desk and got to work. Sanjeev worked all night on his special gift for Koneesha.

Sanjeev Cube Gives Koneesha a Gift

The next morning Sanjeev had renewed energy, even though he hadn’t slept a wink that night. He was beyond excited to see Koneesha open her gift. Sanjeev could hardly contain himself during morning classes. This caused Koneesha to be a little suspicious of Sanjeev’s sly demeanor. 

Near the end of the final period of class before lunch Koneesha confronted Sanjeev by asking what was going on with him and why he was acting so strange all day. That’s when Sanjeev reached into his lab coat pocket and pulled out a small box with a green ribbon tied to the top. Sanjeev proudly handed Koneesha the box and quietly said “I spent all night making it for you”. Koneesha choked back tears and told Sanjeev that he shouldn’t have.

Koneesha lifted the lid of the box and peered inside to see something that puzzled her. She put her hand in to pull the object out. Sitting on her hand was some sort of oddly shaped zippered pouch that was covered in hair or fur. Koneesha put it up to her face to inspect it closer. The top of the red coloured pouch had a zipper and the front of the pouch had…. eyes! Koneesha shrieked and dropped the object on the ground. “What on earth is that?!!” Koneesha demanded.

Sanjeev gently picked up the red zipper pouch and gleefully exclaimed that it was a coin purse made from the skin of the rat he dissected the day before. Sanjeev started to pet the rat skin pouch while further explaining that he dyed the rat skin red, added the zipper along the rat’s back where he initially cut it open, and how he replaced the rat’s eyes with thumbtacks. He started to show off the intricate stitching detail holding the rat skin together. That’s when Koneesha lifted her hand as if to say ‘enough’. Sanjeev stopped talking.

Koneesha was speechless and in complete disbelief that Sanjeev would give her something made out of rat skin. Then she started to rip into Sanjeev. “What is wrong with you? Seriously! Do you even think? Why would I want something like this? You’re a psychopath! Who in their right mind would make something out of rat skin? Get away from me! I don’t want to see you again! I’m calling the police!”

Sanjeev stood there in utter shock. “I said get out of here you freak!” shouted Koneesha. By now the whole class was enjoying the show. Sanjeev on the verge of a full-on emotional breakdown, thrust his homemade rat zipper pouch into his lab coat pocket, grabbed a fist full of green nitrile gloves, and snatched some surgical tools on the way to the exit. Sanjeev with tears now streaming down his face, turned back towards Koneesha only to see her head in her hands also crying uncontrollably. Sanjeev stumbled out of the Bashkir State Medical University a broken man.

Sanjeev Cube’s New YouTube Channel

Sanjeev wanted to run away. Not just to the puppet theatre, but he wanted to get as far away from the memories of Koneesha as possible. He thought about where he could go in the world and decided he wanted to go to America. But before he could do that, he would have to eventually learn to read, write, and speak English. Sanjeev thought and thought of ways that he could learn English, while living in Russia. Then he remembered what Koneesha said about that website YouTube and how if you want to learn something, you just have to search for it.

Sanjeev ran back to the puppet theatre and climbed into the attic from the roof’s vent. He started to develop his action plan on how he was going to learn English and how he was going to travel from Russia to America. Sanjeev knew he had to get regular access to a computer if his plan was going to work out. After the puppet theatre closed for the night, Sanjeev decided to explore their administrative offices to see if he could find a computer. As luck would have it, the door to the administrative office was left unlocked and Sanjeev grabbed a laptop from a desk and ran back to the attic as fast as he could.

Sanjeev opened the laptop on his cardboard desk and turned it on. The screen immediately opened up to YouTube, as the laptop’s owner was previously watching some weird puppet videos. Sanjeev started to watch a video about the English alphabet and the sound that each letter makes. He watched that video over and over again. He practiced making the sound of each letter until he perfected it.

The next morning, Sanjeev decided to create his own YouTube channel on the stolen laptop computer. He signed up for an account and then had to decide on the name for his YouTube channel. With his very limited knowledge of English words, Sanjeev decided on the name Runforthecube. This was simply because one of the only English words he currently knew was ‘run’ and he wanted to incorporate his last name ‘Cube’ to make his Daddy proud. And so ‘Runforthecube’ was born to illustrate that he was figuratively running towards the man his Daddy would be proud of.

In order to improve his English skills, Sanjeev decided to record videos of his pronunciations and post them on YouTube to listen to and see his improvement over time. But what should he pronounce? Sanjeev remembered his first ever search on YouTube was for ‘zyuzin’ and then he thought that there were hundreds of hockey players and he could practice his English by pronouncing their names! Sanjeev then started to work through a list of NHL hockey player names and trying his best to pronounce them how he thought they were pronounced.

He was so excited that he made 18 videos that night, the next day he created 77 videos, and then 42 videos the day after that. Sanjeev dedicated all of this free time to perfecting his pronunciation videos. When he woke up, he started making videos. He’d eat some lunch and then make more videos. Sanjeev wouldn’t leave the attic, as all he wanted to do was make videos to help with his English. When he finished all of the NHL hockey player names, he moved on to NBA basketball player names. He was a machine that was so dedicated to his dream and he never took any time off.

Over the span of just a few short weeks, Sanjeev amassed a collection of over five thousand YouTube videos. Sanjeev created more videos in a few weeks than most YouTube creators will ever create in their lifetime. But this is when things started to get interesting for Sanjeev.

Sanjeev Cube Tries New YouTube Videos

Sanjeev focused so much time and effort into creating and uploading videos, he neglected other aspects of YouTube. He saw a notification button on the YouTube homepage that was lit up, so he clicked on it. There he saw that thousands and thousands of people have been commenting on his videos. Sanjeev didn’t even realize the videos were public, let alone that his channel was getting millions of views.

Unfortunately, Sanjeev didn’t have a very good understanding of English and didn’t know what people were saying about his videos (which was probably a good thing). About this time, Sanjeev started to branch out into creating new types of content to grow his command of the English language. His next challenge was to try to sing songs in English.

Sanjeev had grown up performing and singing as a child in India, so he could definitely carry a tune. Sanjeev tried to find a song to sing in English and discovered a band called One Direction. Sanjeev selected his first song to sing as “What Makes You Beautiful”. He looked on the internet for the song lyrics and then just started to sing the song from the lyrics. With no band to play the music and no musical instruments in the puppet theatre attic, Sanjeev just had to sing acapella and also voice some of the musical parts in the songs.

Sanjeev enjoyed singing the songs and felt he was getting a better understanding of the English language through the music and reading the lyrics. He felt that the whole world could benefit from his music and so he started to sell his music through Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Music, and Spotify. Sanjeev added over 200 songs to his music collection that he sold online. His song renditions were getting thousands of downloads and streams a day. He almost broke into the Billboard Top 100 charts multiple times, but just fell short.

Amazingly, Sanjeev had built his YouTube channel without owning or using a video camera. He decided if he wanted to do this YouTube thing right, he would have to get a video camera. So he went back down to the administrative offices of the puppet theatre and swiped a camera off the shelf and raced back up to the attic. Creating his first video with a camera wasn’t too hard. He decided to review a Chocolate Easter Bunny and a weird thing happened, the chocolate bunny began to melt when Sanjeev started to sing. He was happy that he caught it on tape and uploaded it immediately.

Sanjeev Cube Becomes a Millionaire

Sanjeev was getting into the groove of creating YouTube videos of all types. He made whatever video he wanted, whether it was a pronunciation video, a music video, or a product review. His popularity was beginning to grow and his Runforthecube channel now had over 50,000 subscribers. Sanjeev couldn’t believe it.

Reaction YouTube channels started to gain momentum during this period of time and Sanjeev’s videos on the Runforthecube channel were being featured on Lilly Singh, Pyrocynical, H3H3 Productions, Wolfie, Beasty, TerryTV, Joey Graceffa, Joe Sugg, LazarBeam, and much more. This caused a huge spike in subscribers and views.

One night Sanjeev was watching a YouTube video on how much money they made from their YouTube videos. Sanjeev scratched his head and wondered if his channel had made any money. He had never opened any analytics for his channel. When he opened his AdSense account, he made a huge discovery. He had over $3.5 million dollars waiting to be transferred to his bank account. Over the last couple years of his channel being active, it was earning money in the background without Sanjeev even knowing. Sanjeev immediately fainted onto the floor.

A big problem was that Sanjeev didn’t have a bank account in Russia and he couldn’t open one without official documentation. Sanjeev had escaped India without a passport or birth certificate, that meant that Sanjeev would have to go through the Russian Mafia in order to collect his millions.

Sanjeev Cube Meets a Mafia Boss

Sanjeev walked to the Sberbank down the street and waited around outside. Inside his white lab coat pocket was hidden a couple of sharp scalpels and green nitrile gloves that he would try to use to defend himself with, if it ever came to that. It wasn’t much, but it was all he had. A black Mercedes Benz S-Class sedan with dark tinted windows pulled up beside him. Two burly men rushed out of the car, grabbed Sanjeev’s arms, threw a black cloth bag over his head, and stuffed him into the backseat of the Mercedes. The Mercedes sped off to a secret location.

When the bag was pulled off Sanjeev’s head, he found himself sitting in a dark room with concrete walls, floor, and ceiling. His hands were tied behind his back. He was all alone with a very muscular man that had the face of a baby rhinoceros. “Hello, Doctor - how can I help you?” the goon said in a thick Russian accent, as he looked at Sanjeev’s white lab coat. Sanjeev could see the goon’s prison tattoos up and down his arms and his gold teeth when he talked. Sanjeev replied “Passport and bank account”. The goon laughed. “Passport, Yes - bank account…. No!”. Sanjeev firmly and slowly responded “Bank account, YES”.

The goon shifted his weight to one side and rubbed his protruding chin. After thinking it over the goon said “Big money needed” and Sanjeev replied “Big money have”. The goon smirked at Sanjeev and untied his arms and patted him on the shoulder, as to say sorry. The goon went on to ask how much money Sanjeev was looking to move through the Russian Mafia. His eyes widened and he blinked several times when he learned the amount. He told Sanjeev that the Russian Mafia will take half his money - no exceptions and Sanjeev had no choice, but to agree. The goon pulled out a laptop from a desk drawer and made Sanjeev type a bank account number into his AdSense account and transfer the $3.5 million into the Russian Mafia’s bank account. “Nice to do business with you, Doctor.” the goon said.

The date that Sanjeev would receive his cut of the money from the Russian Mafia arrived and Sanjeev once again walked to the Sberbank and waited outside. Like clockwork, the black Mercedes Benz pulled up and Sanjeev jumped into the passenger seat and saw that a couple of duffle bags were stacked up in the back seat. They drove to a secluded part of Park Pobedy (Victory Park) in Northern Ufa and parked the car.

The goon reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a passport and quickly shoved it forcefully into Sanjeev’s white lab coat pocket. The goon cried out and recoiled his arm in pain. He looked down at his arm spurting massive amounts of blood all over the interior of his car. Sanjeev forgot that his collection of scalpels were in his lab coat pocket and guessing by the amount of blood spewing everywhere, the goon must have severed his radial artery on the sharp tips of the scalpels. In a matter of seconds, the goon was dead.

Sanjeev had to act fast. He didn’t want to be caught in the same car as a dead Russian Mafia Boss. Sanjeev ripped off the blood soaked lab coat, snatched his new passport, and grabbed only one of the duffle bags full of cash. He quickly walked to the nearest tram stop and jumped on the first tram that came. He eventually made it back to the puppet theatre and wiped any evidence that he lived there for the last couple of years. He grabbed a few of his belongings, including his zipper rat pouch, green gloves, surgical tools, laptop, and camera, and then left the puppet theatre attic, never to return again.

The Rich Life of Sanjeev Cube

If Sanjeev had any hope of living a long life and spending all his fortune, he had to get out of Russia and he had to do it now! He waved down an old Lada taxi cab and told him he needed a ride to the Kazakhstan border - a seven hour journey. The cabbie agreed, but it would cost $500. Sanjeev didn’t care, he just had to get out of here. The cabbie listened to techno music the whole ride down, but it didn’t bother Sanjeev, as it helped to clear his mind.

At the Russia-Kazakhstan border, the cabbie helped Sanjeev get his bags, wished him well on his journey, and then turned his car around and drove away. Sanjeev approached the border guard and handed over his fake passport. The border guard briefly glanced at the passport, looked at Sanjeev, and handed it back. Sanjeev had successfully evaded the Russian Mafia!

Over the next few days, Sanjeev travelled by various modes of transportation to zig zag across the Middle East and throughout northern Africa. He successfully boarded a multi-day cruise ship in Morocco that sailed across the Atlantic Ocean to Florida. Sanjeev enjoyed the buffets and all-you-can-eat ice cream on board the ship. The relaxing lifestyle on the cruise ship allowed Sanjeev to rest and try to put his past behind him. He was focused on making the best of his life in America.

When the cruise ship made landfall in Miami, Sanjeev was excited to start the next chapter in his life and was one of the first people to disembark the ship. Sanjeev knew that he couldn’t constantly carry a duffle bag full of money around with him, so he decided to spend it. The first thing he bought was a brand new bright red Lamborghini Huracan. Sanjeev knew that if he had to quickly escape from a situation, he would be able to quickly get anywhere he wanted in a Lamborghini. That’s part of the reason he decided to live in the Lamborghini full-time. It was also a much better living situation than he had previously.

Sanjeev was able to shoot and record all of his YouTube videos from the comfort of the interior of his Lamborghini Huracan. A great benefit was the acoustics of the soundproof interior for recording his music and videos and he also had the freedom of traveling anywhere on the continent in style.

Sanjeev Cube Gets Suspicious 

Sanjeev started to notice some strange things that made him feel uncomfortable. He always felt like he was being followed or watched. He happened to capture video evidence when he created a review for his Lamborghini Huracan. He noticed in his side mirror a couple of cars that were tailgating him. One black sedan in particular caused Sanjeev some serious concern. Sanjeev believed it was the FBI, but it could have been a more sinister group.

Sanjeev began to get more nervous and scared over time and it started to show in his video reviews. Many people commented how it sounded like he was being forced to make the videos. That wasn’t the case, he was just scared that he was being watched and wanted to quickly record the video and drive to a different location.

Sanjeev travelled quite often and sometimes made vlogs about his trips. He drove all over the United States and Canada and filmed vlogs whenever he could. He also recorded vlogs from his trips to Malta and Iceland. But what he didn’t upload was a vlog he shot from Riga, Latvia.

Sanjeev started to get sloppy in trying to avoid the Russian Mafia. He didn’t realize that Latvia was a neighbouring country to Russia and when he arrived in Riga he soon discovered the massive error in his judgement. When he walked around Riga Central Market to buy some groceries, he noticed dangerous looking men peeking around corners observing his movements. One man approached Sanjeev and whispered “We watching you”.

That was enough to scare Sanjeev silly. He cancelled his plans to visit the Riga Zoo, The Three Brothers, and the university building commonly called ‘Stalin’s Birthday Cake’. He called the airline and booked the next flight out of Riga. On the flight back to America, Sanjeev heard the song ‘Head Above Water’ by Avril Lavigne for the first time and it struck a chord deep in his soul with what he was currently going through in his life. He decided right there and then on the plane, that he would sing a cover of Avril’s new song, and put all his heart and soul into its production.

Sanjeev Cube’s Last YouTube Video

Sanjeev noticed that Avril Lavigne’s ‘Head Above Water’ music video was shot in Iceland, but he didn’t want to go back to Iceland for his music video. He thought about other dramatic beaches and Tofino, Canada sprung to mind, as Canada is Avril’s home country. Sanjeev started to make plans to produce his biggest and most expensive video production to date. He brought in a vocal coach, lighting specialists, video editors, a director, and even hired someone to carry a towel around to dry him off between takes when he got wet.

This was the first time that Sanjeev had shot a music video on location and there were a lot of moving parts. Sanjeev’s frustration levels were high, as the weather wasn’t cooperating and people kept walking into the background of his shots on the beach. During the music video there are some simulated drowning scenes. A body double was brought in to keep Sanjeev safe, but he refused to use the body double and wanted to shoot all his own stunts. Looking back, this was a mistake.

Sanjeev kept pushing the limit of his creative genius and wanted to get the best take and kept saying that he could do better. He always thought he could do better. He did drowning scene after drowning scene and wasn’t satisfied. Finally, Sanjeev asked a tall quiet muscular man holding a light reflector to help him with the scene. He asked the man to firmly grab hold of his neck and hold him under water for three minutes. The Director told Sanjeev that he was crazy and that this stunt was too dangerous. Sanjeev’s last words were “Nothing’s too dangerous if you succeed” and then he winked at the Director. The Director yelled out ‘Stand on your mark!”.

“And Action!” The man quickly grabbed and squeezed Sanjeev’s neck and pushed him underwater harder than Sanjeev was anticipating. As a result, Sanjeev wasn’t able to catch his breath before being held underwater. The Director yelled out “This looks great Sanjeev, keep it up!”. Sanjeev tried to tap on the man’s hand to let him go, but the man just pushed Sanjeev’s head further down deeper into the water. Sanjeev was now really struggling for air and his head and arms started to flail about. The man squeezed his neck harder and then pushed down on his neck with all his force. That’s when the whole crew heard it.

Sanjeev Cube’s Last Will & Testament 

A loud Snap! followed by the sound of three air pockets rising and popping upon reaching the water’s surface. The man let up on his grip, lifted his hands out of the water, stood up, and slowly backed away. That’s when the whole crew circled around and saw Sanjeev’s decapitated head floating in the water and his lifeless body lying limp on the sandy beach.

It was determined during a thorough investigation that the force of that last push caused Sanjeev’s neck to hit the bottom of the ocean floor where a jagged rock or seashell cut right through his spine and severed his neck. Sanjeev died instantly. The investigation also concluded that Sanjeev’s death was a workplace accident and no one would be charged in his death. Depending on who you ask, you will get two completely different versions on Sanjeev’s death. Some believe that he was murdered by the Russian Mafia, while others believe the official statement of accidental workplace death.

One key piece of evidence that could have played a part in determining Sanjeev’s real cause of death was the video taken during the drowning scene. Unfortunately during the chaos that ensued after Sanjeev’s decapitation, the video clip was accidently deleted from the camera. Despite everyone’s best efforts, the footage could not be retrieved. The completed Head Above Water music video was later uploaded to YouTube.

Sanjeev had a legal will drawn up that dictating his final wishes. He stated that he would like his body, voice, and talent to be donated to the Runforthecube YouTube channel to do as it sees fit. All future music recordings and videos with his voice and likeness are also permitted for commercial purposes. He also donated his zipper rat pouch, green nitrile gloves, and scalpel collection to the Runforthecube YouTube Channel. To Koneesha, he sends his love and devotion.

Sanjeev lived a difficult and complicated life, but he saw the best in people and made the best of strenuous situations. He lived a life dedicated to making other people happy, but was unable to find that happiness for himself. Rest in peace sweet angel. #justiceforsanjeev